[fpc-devel] Access Violation with nested DLL's compiled byFPC(andsome more info on bug #4538)

Stefan v. d. Berg stefan at chtk.xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 11 17:36:33 CET 2005

L505 wrote:
> I just tried the bug report source code at
> http://www.freepascal.org/bugs/showsource.php3?ID=4538
> And I did not get an access violation or any errors.
> Which proves that it depends on your random luck on a random day ;)
> http://z505.com/images/BrokenDLLisWorking.png

Interesting. I'm curious about what version of FPC you used to compile 
the samples.

> Unrelated note:
> The PNG I took was 26KB - a JPEG was 89KB and lower quality. Interesting.
> http://z505.com/images/BrokenDLLisWorking.jpg  In cases where lots of similar colors
> are in the picture (such as lots of black or lots of white) it appears PNG's are
> superior. In other cases, JPEGs are smaller and seem to be more efficient.
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