[fpc-devel] Systems fair

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sun Dec 4 04:37:31 CET 2005

> > I don't think the GNU C compiler is popular because of one nice
> > website. I think the
> > reason GNU C compiler is successful is because of all the fan boys
> I'm quite sure it's mainly successful because it's the default (and
> often only) C compiler on Linux systems, as well as ported to pretty
> much every other system out there.
> Jonas

I agree..

Actually, then, I should more so compare FPC to something like python or perl rather
than GCC. Because GCC was available years ago when FPC was not. Whereas perl an
python are newer. I think *part* of the reason perl is popular is because of all the
websites out there saying "perl is so great because I did this and that with it". Of
course there is a problem comparing a compiler with a scripting language, since
scripting languages are used more for sysadmin.

But what I'm getting at with my "fanboy" point, is that a lot of the FPC users are
very quiet people and do not have as big of a mouth as they should. A lot of perl and
python programmers do have big mouths and speak up about their language. But still,
Pascal has it good - there are way more Delphi/freepascal projects than there are
Smalltalk ones, for example.


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