[fpc-devel] PR advancement

Ales Katona almindor at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 13:06:33 CET 2005

>So I fully agree to Ales that the FPC homepage needs a "wow" style.
>Despite I do like clear, simple homepages I don't think that this gives
>us good PR. Without offending Michael and others for their effort
>creating and maintaining the website, I think these pages induce the
>impression that FPC is a tiny project, has unreliable release cycles and
>progress, it is "just" from hobbyists for their own pleasure and FPC is
>only used by some frugal enthusiasts.
I wouldn't say it needs to be complicated or "flash-full". I personaly 
hate the full-of-flash crappy slow
sites no matter how cool they look. But the current page simply looks 
like some 15 year old's homepage made
as school project. Nothing personal here, I mean the whole thing is HUGE 
and there's really nice technical
functionality but the look is simply "ugh". It needs a bit more "edgy 
and colorful" look.

I think word can make it better: CSS

>The main disadvantage of the current website are the bad navigation
>scheme and the simplistic layout. I'd therefore propose to take the
>following steps:
>     1. Collect what information should be on the main page: focus on
>        managers and busy visitors, but do not forget on technicians,
>        enthusiasts, purists. Do not classify this list, don't
>        concentrate on structure, hierarchy, ..., just collect.
>     2. sort this list, give it a structure
>     3. work out a navigation scheme of the new website (from the
>        structured list)
>     4. work out a design and look-and-feel for the new website which is
>        clear, stylish, "wow", but not loaded.
>     5. bring structure, content and design togehter
>     6. enjoy and watch interrests
>Ok, this is a very simple path, I'm not sure it if works and if enough
>man power can be raised. OTOH I'm sure most ideas for the hard part (1)
>have already been said and/or can be found on the current web site.
>Any suggestions, comments, ideas?
>  Hansi

Agreed to an extent. Some things are good as they are only change 
required is the style.
Some are truly "hidden" behind not-so-logical paths(links).

This is all a huge IMHO ofcourse, by no means do I wish to undermine the 
works of all people
who already did what is done for FREE.


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