[fpc-devel] is smartlink of Win32 DLLs broken again? And a old FreeBSD port problem additionaly

Pavel V. Ozerski pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru
Wed Apr 27 10:37:40 CEST 2005

Hello Peter,
PV> Since the problem is not in FPC code we can't fix it.
I'm not sure that you are right. There were a solution found that
was based on a code generated by compiler. An asm/obj module with
PASCALMAIN conained a reference to a label which was located in an
asm/obj module contained export data section. In current compiler,
this label creating is supported but a creation of the reference from
PASCALMAIN module is lost. Additionaly, I use ld version 2.15.91

Best regards,
 Pavel                            mailto:pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru

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