[fpc-devel] bugreport: FPC 1.9.8 installer, i386-FreeBSD

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Apr 18 07:35:22 CEST 2005

> Hello,
> I really had trouble installing FPC on FreeBSD.
> I downloaded the big tar archive and unpacked it. Then I saw the
> file "install.sh" there. Because of the file-extension ".sh" I
> thought it was a simple shellscript for sh. So I tried to start it with
> "sh install.sh". That didn't work. So I looked into the script and saw,
> that it needs a special shell, namely bash. The extension ".sh" is very
> misleading!
> Well, bash wasn't installed on my system, so I had to install it. You
> should say so in the docs. Or better rewrite it to be usable with a
> standard-shell. You cannot silently expect, that everyone in the world
> is using GNU!

You are welcome to supply a patch. You can't demand from us to not use bash.

> And another comment on a new "feature". FPC doesn't let me manipulate
> the for-loop-variable anymore. That's annoying! Well Pascal was always
> said to be a bondage-and-discipline-language, but please don't force
> that any further.

It is now only allowed to in tp mode. In delphi it isn't allowed either.

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