[fpc-devel] integer, cardinal

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Sun Apr 17 11:06:27 CEST 2005

On 17 Apr 2005, at 09:38, Yury B. wrote:

>>>   for 32-bit x86... or does 64-bit platform also uses 32-bit integers
>>>   as default, so that longint would be good?
> JM> It would break a lot of existing code if we did that. You can 
> perfectly
> JM> define integer to be whatever you want yourself.
> I want a kind of standard.

I don't understand why.

> If I don't need classes then I would prefer
> not using objfpc or delphi mode (in order not to include huge fcl
> stuff)

They don't include any fcl stuff by default. And with smartlinking 
turned on, the only extra thing you get from the objpas unit is a 
procedure called ResetResourceTables (and the ResourceStringTable 

> but i want integer to be natural to the platform.

Even C is now moving more and more to types with a predictable size 
(see all the types in C99). I think knowing how large a type is, is 
much more important in order to create good programs than some 
perceived speed gain (especially since you can easily redefine any type 
to be whatever you want).


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