[fpc-devel] mysql error when compiling latest CVS

ales ales at chello.sk
Wed Sep 29 15:06:19 CEST 2004

I get this with latest CVS:

Compiling /home/ales/fpc/packages/base/mysql/mysql.pp
mysqldb.pp(241,30) Error: Illegal qualifier
mysqldb.pp(241,24) Error: Operator is not overloaded
mysqldb.pp(241,30) Fatal: Syntax error, "THEN" expected but "identifier 
NAME" found

Have found out probably buggy declaration in mysql unit:
       MYSQL_FIELD = st_mysql_field;
       TMYSQL_FIELD = ^MYSQL_FIELD; <-- should probably be MYSQL_FIELD

However changing it will produce other errors.
Note that this bug is cross-platform ;)


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