[fpc-devel]Translation language file: danish

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Sun Sep 12 15:46:59 CEST 2004

On 12 sep 2004, at 11:10, Christian Iversen wrote:

> parser_e_generic_methods_only_in_methods=03072_E_methods can be only 
> in other
> methods called direct with type identifier of the class

I don't know what this one means either. From the source of the 
compiler, it seems this message is written out if you use "inherited" 
outside a method (e.g. in a normal procedure or function).

> parser_e_self_in_non_message_handler=03146_E_Self can only be an 
> explicit
> parameter in methods which are message handlers

It means that you can only declare a method which has a parameter 
called "self" in case that method is declared as a message handler.

> execinfo_f_cant_process_executable=09028_F_Can't post process 
> executable $1

The postprocessing (not post processing, that's what they do at the 
post office :) only happens under Win32 (currently), and consists of 
updating some fields in the executable header (such stack reserve and 
commit size).

> execinfo_x_stackreserve=09033_X_Reserveret stakstørrelse: $1 bytes
> execinfo_x_stackcommit=09034_X_Brugt stakstørrelse: $1 bytes


> unit_u_no_reload_is_caller=10049_U_Ingen genindlæsning, $1 er kalder
> unit_u_flag_for_reload=10051_U_Indstillinger for genindlæsning: $1
> unit_u_second_compile_unit=10054_U_Compilerer allerede $1, starter 
> anden
> compilering

These are kind of complex to explain, they have to do with whether or 
not the compiler will recompile units and why.


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