[fpc-devel]Build fails on system without fpcmake on path.

Olle Raab automagi at algonet.se
Mon May 17 23:14:26 CEST 2004

04-05-17 11.05, skrev Vincent Snijders följande:

> Hi,
> Since a few weeks building a new fpc snapshot with only a release
> compiler fails on (win32) systems, when fpcmake is not on the path.
> The old make files used to test whether $(FPCMAKE) is filled, before
> making the Package.fpc file. If there was no fpcmake, $(FPCMAKE) was
> empty and no Package.fpc was created. (I think that I don't need
> Package.fpc in my snapshot). Why would I need a Package.fpc, when I
> install the rtl in a directory?

I am not shure, but I think fpcmake creates a package description file. So
fpcmake is needed for creating packages.

> The current make files have some error detection and set FPCMAKE to
> __missing_command__ and then run $(FPCMAKE) -p -Twin32 Makefile.fpc,
> which fails.

I did add this feature.

Without this error detection, what's happend is that, becuse $(FPCMAKE) is
empty, the following command is attempted:

-p -Twin32 ...

Since a preceding hyphen, tells make to ignore errors, this is a source for
hard to find bugs.

The error detection could have been done when the makefile was preprocessed,
but then the abscense of any tool would have stoped make. This solution
makes it possilbe to detect that kinds of error at runtime, only if the tool
realy is about to be used.

Perhaps you can test if $(FOCMAKE) is __missing_command__ instead of testing
if its empty.

> Is fpcmake really required for building a snapshot? If so, why doesn't
> it use a compiled snapshot one in fpc/utils/fpcm ?
> If it a Package.fpc is not absolutely needed, I think it would be better
> to restore the old situation and not create Package.fpc files if fpcmake
> is not available.


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