[fpc-devel]More units for MacOS X port?

Karl-Michael Schindler schindler at physik.uni-halle.de
Mon Jan 26 11:40:29 CET 2004


I guess, this will mainly be directed to Jonas Maebe

With the MacOS X port available, i played (maybe fooled) around in 
order to port some of the basic units, such as termio crt video 
keyboard serial.
I managed to get it compiling by transferring missing definitions of 
constants and types from netbsd of freebsd versions to termio*.inc 
files or simply copying missing files from the *bsd folders to the 
darwin folder. Now to my questions:

Is this actually a sound way to proceed? The problem for me is that I 
do not know the detailed meaning of all the stuff and therefore, I do 
not have a real clue, whether this is appropriate at all?

After successful compilation, how can I test the units?

Finally, if this is ok and of any value for the project, how would I 
submit the files?

Have a nice week - Michael

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