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Subject:     [fpc-devel]thread.inc
Date sent:   21.1.2004 - 20:01:05

> When making the rtl under and for darwin I get the
> following error:
> Compiling ../unix/systhrds.pp
> thread.inc(34,21) Error: Identifier not found
> "SysGetCurrentThreadID"
> systhrds.pp(136) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling
> module, stopping
> grepping for SysGetCurrentThreadID did not find
> anything besides the 
> above occurence in thread.inc.
> However, I found numerous GetCurrentThreadID.
> Therefore, I changed SysGetCurrentThreadID to
> GetCurrentThreadID in 
> thread.inc and BINGO make cycle went through.
> Comments?

This is a problem I've introduced there probably - I couldn't
have tested this part, unfortunately, that's why I didn't spot
it. Your change is correct. I'll correct it tomorrow evening in
CVS if nobody else from the core team corrects it in the mean

Best regards


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