[fpc-devel]gdb info problems

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri Oct 24 13:20:13 CEST 2003

> Hi,
> There are some problems with gdb info.
> Because line 1 contains code and by contrast line 3 does not (where are
> only 2 lines)(i tested with more examples, there was same problems). I am
> interesting of their origin.
> begin
> end.
> gdb>info line 1
> Line 1 of "test.pp" is at address $40cab8 <main> but contains no code.
> gdb>info line 2
> Line 2 of "test.pp" starts at address $40cac7 <main+15> and ends at
> $40cad8 <__CTOR_LIST__>.
> gdb>info line 3
> Line 3 of "test.pp" starts at address $40cab8 <main> and ends at $40cabb
> <main+3>.
> gdb>info line 4
> Line number 4 is out of range for "test.pp".
> Maybe there is another way to find out whitch lines are executable and
> whitch are not. I will be gracefull for help.

I don't know how gdb works. But there is certainly code between line 1 and
line 2. Compile with '-g -al' to see the stabs info that is generated.
That is all we can do.

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