[fpc-devel]-Anasmelf on BeOS bug?

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Sat Nov 29 16:45:03 CET 2003

BiPolar wrote:

> While trying to compile an ASM/SSE/3DNow! optimized FFT on BeOS, using 
> FPC 1.0.8, I instructed to ppc386 to use NASM (because BeOS's gas can't 
> handle SSE), but:
>>ppc386 -Anasmelf FFT.pas
> Warning: Assembler output selected "NASMELF" is not compatible with 
> "BeOS for i386"
> Warning: "AS" assembler use forced
> FPC 1.9.1 doesn't gives the warning, but it force the use of "as" as 
> the assembler too.

1.9.1 should allow nasmelf for BeOS now as well.

> The thing is, BeOS use elf objects, (I already used nasm to compile 
> other programs, i.e. Lame), so it seems to me that FPC shouldn't bail 
> out on this (nasmobj doesn't work because then the linker says: hey! 
> that's not a valid elf object! :-).
> Also, the SSE portion of that code has a DQWORD (Delphi recognize it) 
> that FPC doesn't know how to handle (undeclared identifier).

Can you give an example please? I added it but I'am not sure if it works 

> Well, that's all. Thanks for your work.
> Oscar Lesta. (not on the mail list)

CC added.

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