[fpc-devel]-Anasmelf on BeOS bug?

BiPolar BiPolar at SoftHome.net
Sat Nov 29 03:12:18 CET 2003

While trying to compile an ASM/SSE/3DNow! optimized FFT on BeOS, using 
FPC 1.0.8, I instructed to ppc386 to use NASM (because BeOS's gas can't 
handle SSE), but:

> ppc386 -Anasmelf FFT.pas
Warning: Assembler output selected "NASMELF" is not compatible with 
"BeOS for i386"
Warning: "AS" assembler use forced

FPC 1.9.1 doesn't gives the warning, but it force the use of "as" as 
the assembler too.

The thing is, BeOS use elf objects, (I already used nasm to compile 
other programs, i.e. Lame), so it seems to me that FPC shouldn't bail 
out on this (nasmobj doesn't work because then the linker says: hey! 
that's not a valid elf object! :-).

Also, the SSE portion of that code has a DQWORD (Delphi recognize it) 
that FPC doesn't know how to handle (undeclared identifier).

Well, that's all. Thanks for your work.

Oscar Lesta. (not on the mail list)

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