[fpc-devel]ipv6 resolving

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.com
Sun Nov 23 11:34:35 CET 2003


> Applied, thank you.

Thanks :)

> > And the test program needs my other patch with ipv6 structures to work.
> I must have missed those. Can you please send them again ?
> (Unless someone else applied them already)

No, I don't think they're applied, see attached.
Could you also apply this:
--- rtl/inc/sockets.inc 22 Nov 2003 21:58:09 -0000      1.10
+++ rtl/inc/sockets.inc 23 Nov 2003 10:31:13 -0000
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@
-  FileRec(SockOut).Mode := fmAppend;
+  FileRec(SockOut).Mode := fmOutput;

I messed up with that before and Marco fixed sock2text but apparently
not sock2file. I thought fmAppend would be better, but apparently that
flag is not supposed to ever be set in such a structure.

Also, netdb needs cleaning up, I'll do that soon and send another patch
then. I also forgot to add CNAME records to the ipv4 functions (which
will be just a code copy).

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