[fpc-devel]Building FPC 1.9.1 on BeOS

BiPolar BiPolar at SoftHome.net
Sat Nov 8 00:32:19 CET 2003


While trying to build FPC from today CVS sources on the BeOS platform 
(using "make beoszip" from the root directory):

I had to add two paths on the Makefile.fpc (./rtl/beos/) :
includedir=$(INC) $(PROCINC) $(UNIXINC)  $(RTL)/objpas/classes $(RTL)/

After a "fpcmake" there... the "make beoszip" goes nicely until it dies 
saying that "as" can't be found (it list my $PATH, and it _should_ find 
"as" there).

Same happens with "sh" and "ar". Dropping symlinks to those binaries 
one the compiler directory makes it work.

After that, I tried to recompile the RTL with "make rtl smart", and now 
it does find "ar" (because of the symlink) but fails with "Error: Can't 
call the linker, switching to external linking". The generated ppas.sh 
shows a line where the error is evident:

"../../fpc-1.9.1/bin/beos/ar rs ./libpsystem.a ./SYSTEM.sl/system*.o"

As the FS in BeOS is case sensitive, ar fails because all the *.o are 
in the "./system/" directory, not in "./SYSTEM/".

If I can be of any help on testing fixes/workarounds for this, let me 


Oscar Lesta.

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