[fpc-devel]Weird isn't it ?

Maly maly at zga.pl
Wed Feb 12 21:11:15 CET 2003

Anton Tichawa wrote:
> I didn't read all your code. But you should change:
> constructor CFile.Create(var AFS:CDataFile;APath:string);
> to
> constructor CFile.Create(AFS:CDataFile;APath:string);
> when AFS is an already constructed class. The reason is that AFS is a
> pointer to the instance. If AFS is already valid, i. e. points to an
> instance, there's no need and even danger when you pass it as var.
> You should pass a class as var only if you intend to make it point to
> a new or different instance.

well, yes You're right about that, the previous 
version of that declaration was without the 'var',
i added var after this bug came up - i tried
everything to correct this :/. but that's not
the cause of my problem - anyway i'll change it
back to the previous form i.e. without 'var'.

(currently i have added 'Write;' without any
 arguments, there is no output, code works but
 it's still not right - i don't want any Write :/)

I guess it's a bit like a problem i had a long time ago
the code 'crashed' FPU (if it's possible), and just adding
delay(1) to the main processing loop helped.

Still waiting for some help.

Best Regards 
Luke 'Maly' O.

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