[fpc-devel]Missing References for supplied units?!

Lee, John John.Lee at logicacmg.com
Wed Feb 12 20:24:31 CET 2003

Good. It sounds as if either you haven't got your path to the rtl (eg #ifdef
 -FuC:\PPw\RTL\win32 #endif)set properly in ppc.cfg or pc386.cfg, or you
have found a bug in the ide or compiler/rtl. If your problem is still there
please send as fault report with source + brief description of error to this
email list. 

Regards John 

Very strange! I tried to compile the source a second time from within
the IDE and now it didn't complain about any missing declaration any
more :-/
Anyway, it works :)
So thanks again to everybody here :)


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