[fpc-devel]Missing References for supplied units?!

Chris C.Keck at gmx.net
Wed Feb 12 20:02:05 CET 2003

LJ> To find out which fns are supported you have to look at the source of the
LJ> windows unit, eg ...rtl\win32\windows.pp or something like that (eg in
LJ> fpc.zip or fpc10.zip from ftp.freepascal.fpc\source but most of them are
LJ> supported by win32.

LJ> sleep certainly ok, I use it all the time...
LJ> d10.pp - sleeps for 10 secs file is:
LJ> uses windows;
LJ> begin
LJ> sleep(10000);
LJ> end.

LJ> just tried it on v10...on my PC, running win95...
LJ>  win32/v10n(s) c:\v10nw\bin\ppc386 (size=268800) 1.0.7 [2003/02/07]
LJ> --installed:07/02/03 18:49:02 v10 from:d:\fpk\basew32_v10.zip 07/02/03 02:48

750-c:\pas>>pas d10
LJ> win32/v10n(s) c:\v10nw\bin\ppc386 (size=268800) 1.0.7 [2003/02/07]--Free
LJ> Pascal
LJ> Compiler version 1.0.7 [2003/02/07] for i386
LJ> Copyright (c) 1993-2003 by Florian Klaempfl
LJ> Target OS: Win32 for i386
LJ> Compiling d10.pp
LJ> Linking d10.exe
LJ> 3 Lines compiled, 5.6 sec
LJ> -- d10.exe made ok

LJ> sleeps for 10 secs...

Very strange! I tried to compile the source a second time from within
the IDE and now it didn't complain about any missing declaration any
more :-/
Anyway, it works :)
So thanks again to everybody here :)


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LJ> Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 18:21
LJ> To: Lee, John
LJ> Subject: Re[2]: [fpc-devel]Missing References for supplied units?!

LJ>> There is no description of all of the stuff in the windoze unit.

LJ>> It just calls the windows functions - there are 100s and 100s of them.
LJ> The
LJ>> windows functions are/were documented in a large (8M) zip (win32.zip?)
LJ>> containing win32.hlp which used to be available as a free download from
LJ>> borland's site - not sure how up to date it is. If it's not there email
LJ> me
LJ>> privately & I'll send you a copy.  

LJ>> Regards John

LJ> Thanks for the answer.
LJ> I already found the Win32.hlp on my Delphi CD.
LJ> So all functions are supported by the windows unit?
LJ> I'm asking, because I need the Sleep()-funtion of the "Process and
LJ> Thread Functions" group for my program.
LJ> I do not want to use Delay(), because I would have to include the crt
LJ> or wincrt unit then and the output is no longer made to stdout then...
LJ> However, Sleep() does not work here for me. Also SleepEx() seems to be
LJ> unsupported... Any ideas?

LJ> regards
LJ> Chris

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LJ>> Subject: [fpc-devel]Missing References for supplied units?!

LJ>> Hi,

LJ>> I'm just wondering if there are any extra docs for the standard units
LJ>> that are acutally not described in the manual, e.g. the windows-unit.
LJ>> Are there any and if so, where can I find them. Or is there at least a
LJ>> command-listing for these units?

LJ>> Christian Keck

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