[fpc-devel]Re: some m68k releated stuff

Carl Eric Codere carl.codere at optimasc.com
Thu Apr 3 11:36:58 CEST 2003

>>Yes i did. The filenames are all lowercase. But anyway, the Amiga
>>filesystem doesn't case sensitive...
>Also if the filesystem isn't case sensitive, make itself can be case 
>sensetive. For example the mingw32 make.exe.
>Maybe the file extension that is added for executables is not correct or

>the environment variable PATH is not available.
>The only thing you can do is debug the Makefile using 'make -p' to print

>the internal database and check in Makefile what the check was and what
>used values are by looking at the internal database of make.

Forget about sing make under AmigaOS, the problem with the ported
version of GNU tools as they mimic UNIX too much, so paths, and
everything else must be run in ksh, but by doing that, FPC no longer
recgnizes Amiga paths and filenames... 

So unless someone ports a good native version of GNU make to amiga,
building the compiler must be done manually :(

For the amiga script for building the amiga compiler, take a look
at /install/amiga in the fixes branch.

Good luck (as it is complex!)

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