[fpc-devel][fpc-deve] fpc sparc port.

Sergey Korshunoff seyko2 at yandex.ru
Sat Nov 30 04:49:44 CET 2002

Carl, can You explain some issues:

>>Is there a list of people anywhere showing what processors are being
worked upon and by whom?
> In no particular order:
> Florian Klaempfl -> x86-64 (I think?)

Which type of CPU (which are in shops) have this arch?

> Carl Eric Codere (me) -> 680x0, Virtual machine, and after that another
> don't know which one yet (probably arm which is the easiest to implement)

Virtual machine -- is this a .NET virtaul machine, JAVE virtual machine or
which one?

Thanks in advance,
    Sergey Korshunoff

PS: as I think, today there is no DLL support for FPC under LINUX
(link FPC produced *.so with FPC main module). Why? I suggested
solution a one year before (november 2001). If my solution was
wrong  where is rigth solution?

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