[fpc-devel][fpc-deve] fpc sparc port.

Carl Eric Codere carl.codere at optimasc.com
Fri Nov 29 09:09:18 CET 2002

>Is there a list of people anywhere showing what processors are being worked
>upon and by whom?

In no particular order:

Florian Klaempfl -> x86-64 (I think?)
Mazen Neifer -> SPARC
Jonas Maebe, Olle Raab -> PowerPC 32-bit
Carl Eric Codere (me) -> 680x0, Virtual machine, and after that another
don't know which one yet (probably arm which is the easiest to implement)

(Hope i did not do any spelling mistakes in the names!)

>I'm interested in Arm myself.  Not to mention the juicy prospect of one
>seeing code generators for things like the GameCube or Playstation 2. 
>suspect it'll be Playstation 3 before someone gets around to it though).

I think we need to make sure that the compiler is portable, and this is
entirely done yet (i mean in the code generator part) before implementing

several CPUs at once, currently none of the non-x86 code generators work

correctly, once one is fully ported (i mean in main branch, the 680x0 cg
fixes branch works quite ok) the rest should follow easily (except for 
PowerPC, which in my view has a barbaric ABI - but i think this is already

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