[fpc-devel]FPC for Amiga/68k

Carl Eric Codere carl.codere at optimasc.com
Sat Nov 23 12:13:35 CET 2002

>Ahem, well... :) On what system it is possible to generate
>the 68k-hosted/targeted compiler? I've no Linux/68k here.
>Is it possible on Linux/x86? What additional tools 
>(eg. cross-linker) needed and are these available from 
>somewhere on the net?

          Regarding the cross-tools, i've built them for
win32, and they work correctly. They can be built for
any host, just download the binutils source code from
geekgadgets and rebuild them with the correct options.

Regarding the actual native amiga compiler creation, there are
currently several problems :
- For creating a 'real' snapshot i need to use makefiles,
  but some of the geekgadgets tools only return/accept
  unix style-paths, which of course are not known by the
  compiler, which accepts native amiga paths. Other geekgadgets
  tools don't like a mix of unix / amiga paths (contrary to cygwin),
  so it messes up. The only solution i see to this is to 
  create an amiga script to do the building of the snapshot.
- My UAE (WinUAE) is probably buggy, or geekgadgets, since
  by hacking a bit and doing a make, it stops compilation in
  the FCL indicating that a file is corrupt (which is not the
  case - since compiling those files by hand works!)
- Doing a make (33% done - before they stop because of path problems)
  takes me 45-65 minutes (on WinUAE) of compilation time... and 
  I'm not patient!
But currently, the amiga compiler works quite well! There might
still be problems in the following areas (very minor):
 - some array of const parameter do not work correctly it seems (Nils knows
more than me on this problem)
 - passing structures to routines declared with cdecl might not
   work correctly (it depends on the types in the structures). 
p.s : The 1.0.7 Amiga compiler should be much much more stable than
      then 0.95d Amiga compiler.

p.p.s : I'm really happy to see there is still interest in the Amiga!

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