[fpc-devel]FPC for Amiga/68k

Sasu Purola sasu.purola at novotek.com
Fri Nov 22 12:21:53 CET 2002

How about making lha archive from you UAE installation and place it somewhere in fp ftp server? I could download it and make amiga installer script for it. :) What are needed besides FPC. Something from geekgadgets? Also simple list of needed assigns would be enough to install this beast to my UAE :)


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> >Hi,
> >
> >There was a post here some time ago, which stated that
> >there is a beta Linux/68k version available of FPC 1.0.7.
> >So this means for me that's the 68k codegenerator is up
> >and working in 1.0.x...
> >
> >My questions are: How much effort would be needed to get
> >an up-to-date Amiga/68k compiler? What's need to be done?
> >Is there a to-do list for this? How big part of the RTL
> >need to be reworked from 0.99.5? Anyone already working
> >on these?
> >
> >(I tried to port some of my PC-stuff to Amiga, but 0.99.5d
> >seems to dislike my coding style, so i got some nasty
> >deadend's and guru's at compile-time... :)
> Afaik the current 1.0.7 cvs version works on UAE. However,
> there is no snapshot available yet, i.e. you've to cross
> compile it yourself :)
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