[fpc-devel]Linux RTL: getitimer / setitimer

Judison jueca at brturbo.com
Tue Nov 19 01:26:04 CET 2002


> > I can't find getitimer and setitimer in linux RTL, (present in BSD rtl)
> > How can I use this in my project?
> I'm currently implementing them for the Linux branch too, but that is for 
> the 1.1 (development branch). I'll backport it to the 1.0.x branch as soon
> as it is verified to work.

Plese notify me when I can get this at CVS...

> > I try'ed this code below, but it does not compile, how do I to use SysCall
> > and SysCallRegs ?
> The source looks ok at first sight, what line/construct is the problem? Do
> you include unit unix?

I forgot the uses :) 
Now it seens to work,
(my real test, to get "allarmed" every X ms does not work, but I'll keep try'n)

Tks ;)

Your friend,

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