Maxim Artemev bert_raccoon at freemail.ru
Mon Nov 18 20:45:25 CET 2002


I've got a subj via CVS, compiled compiler, rtl. (After little correction in
source code I've done)

The I tried:
program test;
     writeln('hello stupid world!');    // (c) example from GNU :)

then make:
ppc386 -Og3p2 -XX -Xs test.pas

And what did I see?
test.exe have size ~70KB!

For comparation:
fpc-1.0.6 [Win32]  14KB
fpc-1.0.6 [FreeBSD]  10KB

It's a bug or feature? :)
After modification in Makefile.fpc in /rtl/win32 with flags for optimization,
etc the "test.exe" size still ~70KB.

Modification in the compiler code was very little. I just added in the
ppheap.pas `uses` the module cutils.pas.

I don't know, have the russian users problems with cyrillic in FreeVision? Or
it just a Win2k console problem?

WBR, Max Artemev.
Mathematical department of the Pedagogic University of Moscow, Russia.
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