[fpc-devel]Re: Delphi incompatibilities and bugs in last available 1.1 snapshot

Ozerski Pavel ozerski at list.ru
Sun Nov 3 04:47:12 CET 2002

>> 2) access to address of
>> procedural variable using @@ is not >supported.

>You have to use TP or Delphi mode to use >this syntax, FPC mode uses 
>another (more clean imho) set of rules. See >the manual for more info.

1. This problem is actual also for these compiler modes;
2. I tried to find information about accessing address of procedural variable (not procedure entry point placed in this variable! ) in FPC and OBJFPC modes but not successfully (may be, I did it insufficiently carefully?). Please explain me if possible.

Sincerely, Pavel
P.S. Sorry for not quick answer, but I had some strange problems: at end of october I recieved nothing from this mailing list although your mailing list archives supplemented; maybe you had problems with sending to .ru domain? But now that seems to be OK again: i recieved some messages.

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