[fpc-devel]Bug: scripts

Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Wed Mar 13 13:16:05 CET 2002

> >> Mainly because the used GNU tools
> >> asw.exe and ldw.exe do not support long filenames...
> >> (and especially don't accept 8-bit characters)
> RL> No, you are wrong. They support long filenames. 
> OK, but not every OS supports lfn. Please don't forget about plain DOS
> users! You can say that asw and ldw are Win32 executables but FPC MUST
> be a cross-compiler.
>I'm sure, that its NEEDS to have also
> cross-binutils including DOS-hosted ->Win32.

I am talking only about windows. If i am under windows i want to have all its (OS) possibilities (like long filenames).

asw and ldw not only win32 executables, they can be uses generate only win32 (PE) programs and you can not compile DOS or Linux program using them (i do not know anything about other OS'es, but they are not criterion, because of users count).

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