[fpc-devel]Bug: scripts

Pavel V. Ozerski pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru
Wed Mar 13 11:50:44 CET 2002

>> Mainly because the used GNU tools
>> asw.exe and ldw.exe do not support long filenames...
>> (and especially don't accept 8-bit characters)

RL> No, you are wrong. They support long filenames. If you do not trust me, download my modified 1.0.4 version compiler from: http://aldona.mii.lt/pms/fps/download/fpc104l.zip (sorry for poor
OK, but not every OS supports lfn. Please don't forget about plain DOS
users! You can say that asw and ldw are Win32 executables but FPC MUST
be a cross-compiler. I'm sure, that its NEEDS to have also
cross-binutils including DOS-hosted ->Win32.

BTW, IMHO, there are exists a way to reduce FPC size (?) without
reducing its useful features. I suggest to replace GO32 to WDOSX and
create a DOS target based on Win32 PE. Last WDOSX version seems to be
compatible with system.pp (win32). Additionaly, BP7-compatible (at
least partially) WinAPI unit for WDOSX could be easily written. My some
quick tests (comparing speed of running of the same program compiled for
Go32 and for WDOSX showed no differences. But DOS and especially CRT
unit should be basically rewritten for WDOSX.
Of course, I cannot exclude possible arguments against using WDOSX as DOS
extender for FPC.
Best regards,

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