[fpc-devel]puterSoft.SDK 3.0 under FreePascal

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Dec 11 08:09:38 CET 2002

> Greetings,
> Our company is a developer of the puterSoft.SDK library for Delphi.
> New version of the SDK is going to be crossplatform (it doesn't use
> VCL or CLX or any Delphi units except system.pas) and will be additionally
> targeted
> as general GUI library (it will include all the visual controls which are
> needed to
> write an application). We would like also to port it to the FreePascal.
> I have tried to compile our new SDK with FreePascal 1.0.6 but I see that
> it's syntax is not completely compatible with Delphi's pascal. For example
> so called "Enumerated types with explicitly assigned ordinality" are not
> supported like
> in Delphi. I mean "type Size = (Small = 5, Medium = 10, Large = Small +
> Medium);"
> are not allowed. Probably ":=" need to be used instead of "=", but as you
> understand
> we can not do it as we also need Delphi compatibility. Also we need
> interfaces support
> ("interface" keyword and Supports routine) and probably some other
> features
> in syntax.
> Are here any FreePascal developers which can improve FreePascal so it's
> syntax will be more
> like Borland Delphi's pascal? We are going to release our new library as
> freeware so all the
> people using FreePascal would benefit from it.

The assigned enumarations are already supported in the 1.1 development
compiler. Also a lot of other small Delphi compatibility changes are also
available in the 1.1 compiler. See the development webpage how to get a
snapshot of the 1.1 development compiler.


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