[fpc-devel]puterSoft.SDK 3.0 under FreePascal

Sergiy Kurinny kurinn at putersoft.com
Wed Dec 11 07:59:54 CET 2002


Our company is a developer of the puterSoft.SDK library for Delphi.
New version of the SDK is going to be crossplatform (it doesn't use
VCL or CLX or any Delphi units except system.pas) and will be additionally
as general GUI library (it will include all the visual controls which are
needed to
write an application). We would like also to port it to the FreePascal.

I have tried to compile our new SDK with FreePascal 1.0.6 but I see that
it's syntax is not completely compatible with Delphi's pascal. For example
so called "Enumerated types with explicitly assigned ordinality" are not
supported like
in Delphi. I mean "type Size = (Small = 5, Medium = 10, Large = Small +
are not allowed. Probably ":=" need to be used instead of "=", but as you
we can not do it as we also need Delphi compatibility. Also we need
interfaces support
("interface" keyword and Supports routine) and probably some other features
in syntax.

Are here any FreePascal developers which can improve FreePascal so it's
syntax will be more
like Borland Delphi's pascal? We are going to release our new library as
freeware so all the
people using FreePascal would benefit from it.

Here I list controls that are currently implemented in the putersoft.SDK 3.0
beta build:
- button - speed button - label - checkbox - radiobutton - dateedit -
- calculator- calc edit - text edit - splitter - scrollbar - monthbox -
In the new beta builds we will be adding more controls like pagecontrol,
grid , treeview.
I speak here about graphic mode controls not the text mode ones.

Best Wishes
Sergiy Kurinny

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