[fpc-devel]annoying bug... i cant compile anything!

Maxim Artemev bert_raccoon at freemail.ru
Mon Dec 2 04:30:22 CET 2002

> i have a P4 1.9 512rdram, voodoo3 2000pci and windows xp.
^^^^^^^ - Maybe conflicts with your cooler or BIOS' battery? :) For us
inetersting only OS, platform, and compiler version.

> i installed the 32-bit turbopascal 7 compiler on your site... complete
program. Everytime i compile any
That's name is "FPC" and not a '32-bit turbopascal 7 compiler'

> program doesnt matter how simple it is.. it does work, but at the very end of
the program when it is running
> this comes up:
> Exception_Continue_Execution    set
> CallSignal called
> and it shows many many many times reapeated (like a cycle) (but NOT MY CYCLE
its a bug!)
> please help me THX!

Please put here the code sample which invokes that exception cycle.

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