[fpc-devel]Re: Latest status

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Mon Nov 26 17:37:31 CET 2001

>* Is there a limit for usable memory for freepascal (1.0.*) programs
>(except the 4GB limit of course)? (I ask because I'm not sure whether
>all address arithmetic is unsigned.)

You will get troubles anyway if address arithmetic is wrong:

  - on linux the stack is often above the 0x80000000,
I think (but I am not sure anymore) that on FreeBSD also the 
.text section is loaded above the 0x80000000 value...

- windows also (at least win95) does use addresses above 0x80000000
for system DLLs.

  So any error in using signed operation could
already break small program...

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