[fpc-devel]Re: GRAPH Unit for linux - Problems

Andreas K. Foerster Andreas at AKFoerster.de
Tue Nov 20 10:52:59 CET 2001

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 12:26:22AM +0100, Sebastian G√ľnther wrote:

> > GraphStringTransTable := @AnsiToASCIITransTable;
> > 
> > You really should put that into the manual!
> > 
> > BTW. the naming is not correct, because /both/ charsets are based on
> > ASCII and it's not translated to /pure/ ASCII.
> I know, but in the usual speech Ansi is the Windows/Linux charset
> (ISO8859-1, more or less), and ASCII the old DOS charset.
> Microsoft would name this "AnsiToOEMTransTable". Correct would be
> "ISO8859_1ToCP437TransTable". Not very nice names either.

It's also called IBM charset.
So why not "AnsiToIBMTransTable"?


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