Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Nov 19 19:52:56 CET 2001

>1. The source distro doesn't install on 8.3 systems. I can unpack the
>source directory manually and everything seems to be in order, but I
>don't expect that I will be able to exparament with it in its present

It is difficult to keep all filenames to fit in 8.3. At least the compiler 
and rtl will fit in the 8.3 limit.

>2. The source directory is very difficult to navigate. It is almost as
>bad as /usr/bin under Unix. A well written "map" or "index" file should
>be added with all haste. Additionally, it appears that certain machine
>and OS specific files are held in the general directory. This only adds
>to the clutter. I suggest a structure somewhat like this:
>       |-IA32
>       |  |-- DOS  (Optionally; just having OS files in their prcessor
>                   categories should be sufficient. )
>       |  |-- Linux
>       |  |-- FreeBSD
>       |  L-- That other OS from Redmond...
>       |-PPC
>       |  |- OS X

This is already changed in the current development source trees. There is a 
directory containing only the i386 specific files and a m68k dir containing 
the m68k only files. And a targets directory will contain all units that 
provide knowledge about the supported targets.


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