[fpc-devel]FPC for PalmOS or WinCE?

Julia A. Case julie at MageNet.com
Tue Nov 13 17:03:41 CET 2001

I too was trying to help with the PalmOS port, but have sadly run short
of time.  When I can I'll get back to it.

As for which is better Palm vs WinCE, that turns into a flame war in a
hurry, the truth is it depends on what you plan to use the device for...
Email me privately and I'll discuss it with you (I have 3 Palm devices
and 1 CE device) and I do development for both types of units.  I can
also give you info on running linux on the two types of devices.


Quoting Karin E. Hacker (emrys at shillelaghlaw.com):
> Hi,
> The last time I was at the FTP site I noticed a sub-directory for PalmOS.
> Who's working on this version?
> Which Palm machiens dose it work on?
> Do you need alpha-testers?
> Is anyone working on a WinCE version?
> I am thinking about buying a handheld and I am trying to decide which kind
> to buy.
> Live long and prosper,
> Karin E. Hacker
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