[fpc-devel]ibase60.pp problems

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Fri Nov 9 14:50:10 CET 2001

On vrijdag, november 9, 2001, at 01:27 , Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

>> It's not good idea definitely, huh... In this case values in XSQLDA 
>> are not
>> recognized correctly. What is really cool is that the same units works
>> in 1.0.x compiled programs correctly. Maybe it's compiler problem?
> It is possible. One of the compiler people should look at this.

The only difference in the generated assembler code is that in

function XSQLDA_LENGTH(n: Integer): Integer;
   Result := SizeOf(XSQLDA) + (n - 1) * SizeOf(XSQLVAR);

sizeof(XSQLDA) is evaluated as 172 by 1.0.5 and 170 by 1.1. If you don't 
count any possible alignment padding, the size is 170. However, since 
the unit is compiled with {$packrecords c}, there may a bug regarding 
that in the compiler. Peter?


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