[fpc-devel]FP IDE new disassembly window

muller at cerbere.u-strasbg.fr muller at cerbere.u-strasbg.fr
Wed Nov 7 01:47:26 CET 2001

  I decided to release publically a new feature of the text mode IDE
that I was working on for some time now:

  When debugging a compiled executable,it is now possible to
open a special window called 'Disassembly window'
that contains both the source lines and the assembler instructions.

  To open this window, you must select the "Call Stack" window
in the Debug menu, select a frame, and press Alt+I
to open the "Disassembly Window" for the corresponding frame.

  In this window, 'F7' is handled as GDB 'stepi',
i.e. its a single machine instruction step, 
while 'F8' is treated as GDB 'nexti', i.e. a single
machine instruction, but without following calls to functions/procedures.

  Setting breakpoints is possible by using Alt+F8
and the breakpoints should appear in red as for normal source
windows. There might be some remaining problems 
that leads to the fact that some breakpoints are not displayed correctly 
in that window.

  Please feel free to give your feelings about this
new feature and to report any unexpected effects.
  Don't forget to use with care, as this new feature 
wasn't tested as fully as the rest of FP IDE code.

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