[fpc-devel]possible bug in sockets.pp

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Fri Nov 2 22:15:32 CET 2001

On 2 Nov 2001 Thomas.Hergenhahn at nexans.com wrote:

> When I tried to open a socket in the unix domain bind(Sock, Addr, SizeOf(Addr)) returned the error "invalid argument", but I could not find what was wrong with my code. When I changed the definition of TUnixSockAddr in sockets.pp from:
> type
>   TUnixSockAddr = packed Record
>     family:word; { was byte, fixed }
>     path:array[0..108] of char;
>     end;

That's not correct, in the C headers family is an "unsigned short", which
is the same as a byte in Pascal.

PS: some virus scanner from another provider "replied" to your message
stating that your computer is infected with a virus. There was indeed an
attachment added to your message with the name "winmail.dat", so please
desinfect your computer as soon as possible.


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