[fpc-devel]Insisting on IDE

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Fri Mar 23 23:19:38 CET 2001

At 18:40 23/03/01 -0300, you wrote:
>I'm insisting about IDE for linux. The only problem I found is that I can't 
>use the ALT+GR key (right alt) because (I supose) it was catched for using 
>with alt funcitons. In many international keyboards the right alt key has a 
>special meaning and is very important in programming, in example for typing 
>[,], {, etc, etc.

The problem is that this completely depends on the way you use
the IDE for Linux.
  In console mode, I never had any problems with the AltGr keys,
but if you run the IDE over telnet or ssh or inside X, 
then about all and everything can happen !

  The ability to get the AltGr keys over telnet mainly depends on the
telnet client, so this can be very different
(not to mention that several clients seem to not support
correctly the Ansi escape sequences used to draw the desktop,
leading for instance to some empty parts of an editor line
to be back instead of blue as it should be with default color!)

  Under X the same kind of problems can appear,
even if my local frnech keyboard does work pretty well in this respect.
But this might also be a simple X configuration problem.

  Alt-Gr keys are not handled especially at all by the FP IDE,
so you should first test if you can get these special chars
by simply hitting the same keys inside an xterm window.

>If you tell me what do I need to compile the source code that is at the CVS 
>repository, I can try th help to solve the problem. Or you can take it as a 
>"bug report". I think it may not be very difficult for you to avoid catching 
>the right alt key almost on international keyboards.
 As I stated above, no special handling is done for AltGr 
keys, as the do not result in escape sequences, but just
in special chars.

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