[fpc-devel]Incorrect warning msg using 'not' and 'DWord' (FPC 1.0.4)

Marcel van der Heide mgh0002 at attglobal.net
Wed Mar 21 14:10:46 CET 2001

On Tuesday 20 March 2001 20:15, you wrote:

> The second now doesn't give a warning anymore, but the first still does.
> The reason is that if you don't explicitely typecast a constant in FPC,
> it's always a longint (in 1.0.x at least).
> Jonas

Thanks a lot.
I was wondering if constants are always longints. You've answered that now 
There remains one problem. If I specify the type of a constant like this:
  cTest1: DWord = $03;
it becomes a typed constant, and is treated like a initialized variable, so 
one can not use it in a case like the following construction anymore.
case x of
  cTest1: ...

Thanks again, and best wishes,


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