[fpc-devel]Re: [fpc-pascal](Fwd) poll

Alejandro NĂ©stor Vargas anv at lanet.com.ar
Thu Mar 1 13:00:15 CET 2001

El Mié 28 Feb 2001 18:40, escribiste:
> On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Johan Blok wrote:
> > > The delphi took the most work (to fake out a CRT unit), and was still
> > > easy compared to trying to get anything to work under GNU Pascal.
> >
> > I used Free Pascal for some time for a new project, and I'm now using
> > GNU Pascal. I believe Free Pascal is better if you want's to port code
> > from TP/Delphi or when you want to use it there also. But GNU pascal has
> This may be to some extent true, but they claim it to be borland
> compatible, and not only that, but in the Man page they take a egotistic
> attitude about it and say that those who would disagree to it's
> compatibility are "pendants" - as if fancy words and put-downs can make up
> for the physical lack of compatibility.  Also they bluntly state that you
> shouldn't use the other compilers because gpc is "better".  Seems a bit
> concieted to me.

I think fpc must be included in the linux distributions. Can you do something 
about it?

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