[fpc-devel]Re: [fpc-pascal](Fwd) poll

Johan Blok johanbloK at ix.nl
Thu Mar 1 17:52:18 CET 2001

> The delphi took the most work (to fake out a CRT unit), and was still easy
> compared to trying to get anything to work under GNU Pascal.

I used Free Pascal for some time for a new project, and I'm now using
GNU Pascal. I believe Free Pascal is better if you want's to port code
from TP/Delphi or when you want to use it there also. But GNU pascal has
some advantages, which I like:
- it's no problem to use C code
- they provide a better Regular Expression unit
- operator overloading
- scheme types
- a better CRT unit with extensions, in my experience the CRT unit of
Free Pascal has several problems on linux, and I don't like the new
ocrt, which also had problems.

If you don't use a tool like Delphi, then the extensions of the Pascal
language with properties and so on makes no sense, in my opinion. Also I
don't like classes, because I want to bee all pointer usage explicit.

Johan Blok

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