[fpc-devel]FreePascal International Proyect

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sat Jun 2 13:17:49 CEST 2001

>   Ok. Let's talk about the improvements on code to make it easier to 
> translate
>FreePascal. You we'll have to use a common library called i.e. translat.pp,
>this one will have a constant like the one in tokens.pas:
>ttoken and arraytokeninfo.
>    This file will take in account more reserved words, (rtl keywords and
>package standard keywords) because I've seen that you have them <past
>participle of spread> in many files, up to the moment:
>psystem.inc, tokens.pas, ra386att.pas

And what about all the other RTL routines? And for the assembler the tokens 
are also used to write the assembler files for usage with an external 
assembler. So it's more complicated then you think!

>   What about compatibility? How will we be able to come back to normal
>(English) Pascal?
>    Well,... this file translat.pp, will have another constant, which will be
>for standard English tokens.
>    A function, procedure or whatever will be determine the English tokens 
> that
>are not used by new <language> Pascal.
>For instance if in Pascal/Hispascal we have:
>const  const
>var var
>procedure procedimiento
>program programa
>const and var will not be in the list (the red/forbiden list), but procedure
>and program yes.
>    That's too say there will be treated as tokens (you could not define a
>variable, or a const, or a procedure, or a function, or anything with 
>them) but
>there will not have a function, in the code. They will be unuseful.
>     Of course, this forbiden list checking will be an option, always by
>default, but you could change it if you wanted to.
>    This red/forbidden list it's because it will be easier to make 
> programs to
>translate from <language> Pascal to Pascal. No need to rename some tokens if
>they are not what they mean in Pascal but variables or other things.
>    And... that's all. Think about the schools, and they opportunity of 
> making
>programming genius, because they are a lot of potential genius, but if they
>have to learn English to make a program, some of them don't do it.
>   I'm going to hibernate (to study June exams) but if I see that you haven't
>made any effort to make this international proyect,... don't even doubt 
>that I
>will go on translating Free Pascal into Spanish or Hispascal, and, of course,
>asking you doubts.

I don't like such language. It's your own choice to translate it into 
Spanish. We don't have to do things, there are no contracts or such that we 
should do this or that. We decide ourselves what we want to code in for the 
compiler. And IMHO there are much more important things (widestrings, 
variant, multithreading) to finish first, so i guess that none of the core 
developpers will create a translate.pp or whatever to include all 
translatable tokens.


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