[fpc-devel]`make install` builds 1.0.4-RELEASE?

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Jan 8 13:43:49 CET 2001

> Hi there,
> I've succesfully built all of the sources from the FIXES_1_0_0 branch, and
> indeed the `fpc` executable in the compiler directory displays version
> 1.0.5. But if I then execute a `make install` in the top-level directory,
> 1.0.4 is installed. What is up with that?
> (Actually, I'm building on a FreeBSD box, so I'm issuing a `gmake`,
> version 3.79.1. Speaking of which, are there any known limitations to the
> FreeBSD port? I couldn't find any documented in the package.)

The top-level makefile finds the 1.0.4 compiler and takes that as start compiler. There
are two solutions, define to use compiler/ppc386 or add the version yourself:

make install PP=$(BASEDIR)/compiler/ppc386


make install FPC_VERSION=1.0.5

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