[fpc-devel]Re: [fpc-pascal](Fwd) poll

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Feb 28 20:21:08 CET 2001

> > compared to trying to get anything to work under GNU Pascal.
> > 
> I used Free Pascal for some time for a new project, and I'm now using
> GNU Pascal. I believe Free Pascal is better if you want's to port code
> from TP/Delphi or when you want to use it there also. But GNU pascal has
> some advantages, which I like:
> - it's no problem to use C code

Neither is FPC. Except you have to translate some macro's or headers.

> - they provide a better Regular Expression unit

I don't know about that. But for something like that is not a criterium to
switch compilers.

> - operator overloading

Supported by FPC for a while.

> - scheme types

Never saw a usefull usage, except for

a) ansistrings substitutes, which FPC fully implements.
b) something which can be done easier within the Delphi classes model, or
even dynamical arrays (which aren't my favourite, but schemes are hardly

> - a better CRT unit with extensions, in my experience the CRT unit of
> Free Pascal has several problems on linux, and I don't like the new
> ocrt, which also had problems.

Still a library thing. And if you wanted, that specific unit itself would be
portable across compilers.

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