[fpc-devel]Compiling problems\

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Dec 3 21:42:41 CET 2001

> I regularly make win32 v11 & v10 with the latest sources for the daily
> snapshots, under 4dos under win95 & it's ok for both, most evenings, unless
> there is a specific problem- ok mostly recently tho' eg v11 failed last
> night. I use released 1.0.4 win32 for v10 makes & the day before's v1.0.5
> win32 for the v11 makes...Making under win2000 (because of known gnu
> utiliies problems and the fact that it's M$!!) is problem unless you use the
> make32.zip stuff that Marco mentioned, or it might work as well/better
> according to Peter's recent email) with the ming32 utilities... not sure
> where these are on ftp site(s)... Peter? 

That makew32.zip _WAS_ uploaded by Peter, after IIRC he applied some fixes
of his own. I just tested them (and found out the PATH thingy), and put

Today I experienced how accidents lead to inventions, I accidentally killed
my binary directory, and had to restart from 1.0.4 and that makew32 (on a
2000 system)

I found out that I also needed dlltool.exe from the latest mingw distro.

Peter, should I add that to makew32.zip?

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