[fpc-devel]Re [2]: Some more compiler problems

Aleksey V. Vaneev picoder at sbis.komi.ru
Mon Apr 2 16:45:00 CEST 2001

>>   Problem N1. It is a dependency problems. I have some 50-60 units
>>   that are in various ways interconnected (although, without
>>   crosslinks). The main problem is that the main unit initializes
>>   after some other second-level units.
> ?? And this was not true in earlier versions ?
> I don't think anything has changed in this area of the compiler ?
> Michael.

Seems to be it was in earlier versions too... But anyways I cannot see
what I'm doing wrong (this bug appeared some days ago when I've did
several changes to programs I compile). Btw, what's the algo of finding
the most main unit that must be initialized first? Maybe there are some
logic problems?

At least compiler could give an error if it cannot decide which unit
to initialize first... It gives such error if units declare usage
of each other in the interface part. But it says nothing if units
declare usage in the implementation part (this is a correct behaviour
I suppose, but then why it doesn't works correctly?).

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 Aleksey                            mailto:picoder at sbis.komi.ru

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