[fpc-devel]Resource files and internationalisation (Linux)

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Fri Sep 29 12:58:38 CEST 2000

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Konstantin Muenning wrote:

> Hello.
> I don't remember if this subject has been already discussed here so I ask.
> What about resource files and FPC? I can remember that for DOS/Windows
> programs you can use the same resource files like generated by the Borland
> Resource Workshop (was it mentioned in the docs?).
> But what about Linux? What kind of resources are supported there and are
> there any graphical/non-graphical input tools (maybe some C-ish/GNU-ish
> thing)?

Linux itself (or better, the ELF format) doesn't support resource sections
AFAIK. Things are solved differently on linux.

> Another thing some kind connected to the resource files is the
> internationalisation of software (and of course the localisation). Has
> anybody some experience with this? What about UTF-16 (Unicode) support? Or
> the best Unicode resource files?

1) the Resourcestring of Delphi is supported, and you can use GNU gettext to
   create language-specific files.
2) We have some code for unicode support; we're working on adding support for
   unicode (or codepage) support in the compiler itself.

> If there is nothing about this around there what would be the interest to
> start a FPC-Resource project? In the near future I will have to deal with
> (well, to write) internationalised software and if there is nothing about
> this yet it would make sense to make it together and for general use.

The gettext support for resourcestrings is ready; It would be good to write
an alternate module for windows which stores international strings in
resource dlls - I had this planned, but due to lack of time not yet implemented.
> Maybe another crazy idea but what about a FPC version (or command line
> option) for supporting Unicode (UTF-16) input files? With a proper editor
> you can directly enter text/string constants in any language you may need.

As I stated above, this is being worked on.


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