[fpc-devel]Resource files and internationalisation (Linux)

Konstantin Muenning koko at muenning.com
Fri Sep 29 09:31:51 CEST 2000


I don't remember if this subject has been already discussed here so I ask.

What about resource files and FPC? I can remember that for DOS/Windows
programs you can use the same resource files like generated by the Borland
Resource Workshop (was it mentioned in the docs?).

But what about Linux? What kind of resources are supported there and are
there any graphical/non-graphical input tools (maybe some C-ish/GNU-ish

Another thing some kind connected to the resource files is the
internationalisation of software (and of course the localisation). Has
anybody some experience with this? What about UTF-16 (Unicode) support? Or
the best Unicode resource files?

If there is nothing about this around there what would be the interest to
start a FPC-Resource project? In the near future I will have to deal with
(well, to write) internationalised software and if there is nothing about
this yet it would make sense to make it together and for general use.

Maybe another crazy idea but what about a FPC version (or command line
option) for supporting Unicode (UTF-16) input files? With a proper editor
you can directly enter text/string constants in any language you may need.
Any comments?

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